Katie was truly wonderful to work with. I was so thankful to have help in the overwhelming first weeks post-partum. When baby care and breastfeeding kept me often tied to a chair and my hands busy, Katie was there for technical help, emotional support, a broad knowledge base, and an eager willingness to help me with any task big or small that would make my life as a new mother more sane and manageable. She helped me find a lactation consultant, order a breast pump, contact my insurance to know exactly what was covered (a thing i probably would have avoided entirely if i were on my own), learn how to use my baby carrier, set up my nursery and changing station, and organize my house so that it could be more liveable for my husband, my baby and me. Katie always made me feel comfortable asking for help, as well as in talking openly and honestly about the challenges of new motherhood. I truthfully don’t know what I would have done without her help, but I do know that because of her there was a lot less struggle and frustration and a lot more time to spend joyfully with my newborn daughter. – Clare- first-time mom- Jan 2019

Katie is the best! She is a truly kind, gracious and open-minded woman whose heart is in the right place. She is generous with her time and talents and always made me feel like I was supermom! As a post-partum doula, Katie came over once before the birth of my son and a few times after. It was good to have the continuity of seeing her before and after birth, and great that the timing could be so flexible. Katie’s extremely personable and easy to talk to so our time together flew by. As I regaled her with stories and concerns, she listened while organizing my baby station, making food, and tidying up my home. She is knowledgable about the birthing process and parenting and always responded thoughtfully and non-judgmentally. I truly looked forward to her visits because I knew I would get pampered, have a hot meal waiting for me, and enjoy a great chat! – Abby – first-time mom- Jan 2019