I am a Certified Postpartum Doula and a Certified Lactation Counselor and I am here to provide caring reflections to you, information and resources enveloped in empathy and all of the emotional support you need so that you can feel confident in how you are caring for your baby. You deserve empathetic care too

The postpartum period is a unique time of transition where so much is greatly in flux. The mother or birthing person is going through one of the greatest neurological, hormonal, and physical changes of one’s life. Studies show that the supporting parent will also go through great neurological and hormonal changes. Patterns within the home will change, sleep will change, the difference between day and night can sometimes fade away, and suddenly there’s a new person at home who’s every need must be met. After months of pregnancy and the crescendo of labor and birth or after spending many months wading through the adoption process, a family is born or enlarged. There are many challenges ahead. But often, with the right support and care, this time can be enjoyed and even truly celebrated.  The right support can allow family members to cocoon themselves within the changes and growth that nearly all will experience so that things may bend, flow, and settle into place. It is my hope that by offering you three types of comprehensive, non-medical support-practical, informational, and emotional- and by helping to activate your outer rings of support, within your friends and family, that you and your partner will feel just as nourished, nurtured, and cared for as your baby will feel during this special time. It is my hope that with my support your confidence on being the expert of your baby will flourish.